Gold "Power Stones" Football Receiver Gloves - PRIMAL BASEBALL

PGX Youth Power Stones Football Receiver Glove

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POWER STONES GLOVES: Power Stones Receivers Gloves take your game to the next level with Adult & Youth Series Receivers Gloves from PGX Gloves. Receivers Gloves Pitted leather palm provides a flexible additional design; the Neoprene cuff provides unmatched support and comfort, a seamless feel on any receiver's Gloves.   

SUPREME COMFORT: Two-way stretch insert allows superior mobility, and Finger break contours decrease bunching for a smoother fit. High-quality leather palm for supreme comfort, professional Receivers Ideal glove lightweight ergonomic flex, and dynamic wristband for durable comfort adjusts strap ideal designed sports gloves mold to your hand fit.

SUPERIOR GRIP: Anti-slip superior grip cuff design makes gloves easy to wear and take off; shock absorption; palm and side finger perforations for extra ventilation, Achieve a locked-in fit and superior support with the neoprene wrist strap Power Stones Receivers Gloves durable grip features. PGX Receivers gloves are the perfect combination of comfortable fit and durability. 

FLOATING THUMB TECHNOLOGY: Floating thumb technology for increased flexibility and adaptability, Custom-molding hand shield to prevent injury to the lead hand, we dedicate to providing our customers with excellent service and good quality products. The ergonomic design makes the range of motion more flexible, making it easy to grab the ball from the air.

QUALITY MATERIAL: We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality. We have made these power stones Receivers gloves with high-quality leather for excellent grip and superior shock absorption. Control things through quick response and enhance your confidence and best skills, the tension of the attractive Power Stones pattern can also stimulate your sports vitality.



The best receivers in the world at every level of football trust Power Stone Football Receiver. These gloves deliver advanced receiver performance for serious players, starting with legendary strong grip performance for the unmatched sticks. Power Band and strategic panels combine to create the optimal balance of support, comfort, and flexibility that gives you unlimited confidence in every play. These Power Stones are made with an ultra-stick palm, making it easier to secure catches when the ball touches your gloves. The gloves feature a Velcro wrist strap that ensures a secure fit, all while allowing proper movement. From the reinforced seam and wear point stitching, down to the breathable fabric, you won’t find a more stylish or better-performing pair of gloves. The unique design of the wrist can be adjusted according to your own situation to ensure that the gloves fit your hands perfectly, allowing you to enjoy the battle. Compliment your game by sporting Football Gloves that look as unique as you’re playing style and intimidate your opponents with flare while you’re at it!

  • Built with lycra spandex backing for a soft and comfortable feel
  • Palms are made with pitted leather for superior grip and durability
  • Unique, original patterns and designs to add confidence to your game

Step into the box and dig in with the swagger-wearing PGX Football Gloves limited edition series of Football Gloves! The “POWER STONES” Receiver gloves are fun ways to intimidate the pitcher while receiving the on-field benefits of comfortable, expertly-made Receiver gloves. These are for the players who are “so serious” about competitive Receivers Gloves.  

  • Pitted leather palms
  • Lycra spandex backing
  • Available in small through extra-large sizes
  • Shop our “POWER STONES” Receivers Gloves today and wear these gloves to take your game to the next level.